Zupahmodz started off back in 2011 with the idea of wanting gamers to experience enhanced gameplay on a whole new level.

After completing months of research, we finally had enough information on how we would setup our modding services, so we got to work. After weeks and weeks of developing and collecting tools, we made a few youtube videos explaining and advertising our services to the world.

Later on we decided to advertise over a few forums after our YouTube sales sky rocketed.

Now we have decided to develop our new website allowing all of our clients to not only have a enhanced gameplay, but also a friendly user experience while purchasing our services. We gain many happy clients daily and hope that we will continue doing so over the upcoming years.

Our Future

ZupahModz has been successfully running for a few years now, and we strive each day to reach new opportunities and keep our services up and running. Hopefully in the future we will expand our range of services and be even more successful than we are now.
Within the next few months alone we are looking to bring out a variety of exclusive game mods, and hopefully in the future we will continue to keep adding new mods to our service list.
To all of our customers we can not thank you enough for the opportunities you give to us every day, we will try our best to keep our services up and running for all our clients; Have a great day and we hope you have a great time gaming!

Our Games

Here at zupahmodz we provide a wide variety of mods for various games. The two main games we focus on are the call of duty series along with grand theft auto. We may also from time to time release different services for other games.

Call Of Duty
Grand Theft Auto
Other Services

Our Services

Everyday we strive to keep our prices as low as possible for all of our clients, our services are maintained to the highest standard to ensure account stability and security along with a smooth transaction. We have a customer satisfaction rate of 98%, meaning we have many many happy customers!

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